5 situations that make Dr. Bob often

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Poker is a game where you can beat your opponents in many different ways. Either winning at Showdown or making your opponent fold and lose. But what if you keep losing because you’re crouching yourself? You should consider whether you squat too often. Or is there anywhere that you are the one who played it wrong? because of the opposite side’s play to force you to crouch So let’s ask yourself if you’re crouching too often. in these situations

1. Ace – High and Over Card on board

You have AJ or KQ and a 6-6-2 Rainbow board. When this board comes out there are very few tiles that can be attached and developed. That means that big cards without pairs are better than others. For example, if the opponent is to win he must have a 6 or a 2 or a better pair which can account for about 28%. AJ, for example, still has a better chance of winning. 

And if you come across an opponent holding a low pair of cards 5-5 to 9-9, statistically, AJ has a higher chance of winning with the remaining 6 outs. Also worry about higher cards that can be drawn in the next such as K or Q, so you can still use AJ to bluff your next showdown.

When you come across this board Don’t be in a hurry to crouch. Think analytically about the cards that you can lose. and your chances of winning Look at the situation and read your opponents before you decide to crouch.

2. When the board comes out the same color

Once the flop has been opened, 3 of a particular color will appear on the board and your opponent looks at his card. Or maybe there are other competitors that Flush already.

You make use of 20% of the Flop Range in consideration, eg all K-6-3 Diamond Boards. There will be only 5% of players who get Flush, only 6% of Nut Flsh, or 37% of the players who hold diamonds.

This means that 63% of these incidents players who use a normal Preflop Range will not get flushed, most likely they will just stick to the Top Pair from the board, and you can get these players out of their bets.

But you have to keep in mind that 60% of the range of cards that the average player uses are Suited, but if you add it all up, the chances are around 6%.

So what should you do when you come across a board of the same color like this? You should analyze the situation by looking at the competitor’s bet and if you are in Top Pair then you can keep trying to Profit Bet and bluff that you are flush. and let the competitors crouch But just be careful of the person who actually has a flush.

3. Over Card falls to Turn 

When a player who has a flop pair and has a higher card falls on a turn, the chances are high that these players will fold. For example, you Raise on the Pre flop your opponent Calls with J-10s and Flops. It comes out as 10-7-5. You check-Call. When you reach the Turn, it turns out that A or K is falling. Check and Mr. Bet competitors.

Many players will think that you at Raise Preflop come in, you have Pair or AK , KQ and when K falls you bet, they will be very scared of you.

But in reality, you may only hold an A-5 or another card like 6-6, but it’s the play that gives you more Fold Equity.

So in this kind of situation it’s a double edged sword that you have to read and play correctly. Having the image of you playing big cards or being a tight player may help you survive these situations, but you’ll need to dodge it in case the top pair holder isn’t you. But don’t squat too often.

4. Expecting Draw Cards at Turn

There are times when newbies live with too much expectations. When looking at the stats, chasing cards like this has a 4-1 chance of losing, and when looking at Pot Odds in general. E is at 3-1, so chasing cards with 4-1 chances but only getting 3-1 Pot Odds isn’t worth it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to crouch for these two reasons.

1. You may be able to make money when the Draw hits the River. Various statistical concepts will help you. But usually in $2-$5 games, most players will let you on the River if they don’t. Nuts and Implied Odss can’t be settled by calling.

2. And when it comes to the River, the players that come in will give you a chance to bluff if the Draw doesn’t fall because the normal players won’t come to the River if they don’t get caught. You should be able to poke around at the River to get them to crouch. But if they bet back, you should be willing to crouch.

5. When faced with a small bet

Players in the Small Stake room will come across Small Bet often. It indicates a flop, but not very big. But if you see it at the Turn-River, you might need to be careful. Because it’s very easy if the bet is small and someone folds down. So try to adapt it to the situation or when faced with a small bet, consider the opponent’s range before making a decision.


Crouching in poker can be both right and wrong. But overdoing something like the one in this article that you crouch too much is definitely wrong. Therefore, you should balance everything. and read the status of calculating all the statistics to give you more chances to win. If you interested membership with us UFABET