Arsenal ranks as one of the most valuable teams in the world.

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Which team is the most expensive? Arsenal are the world’s most valuable football team, overtaking Manchester City in second place, followed by Paris Saint-Germain in third.

The football industry during this period is when the football market is open. And there is a bustling club transfer of players via the Transfermarket website Has ranked the most valuable football clubs in the world. This includes the value of a player on a team by After many teams have strengthened their players in the summer.


For the team with the No. 1 value is the “Cannons” Arsenal, a famous club in the English Premier League, after adding players in the summer from a budget of more than 200 million euros, making the สมัคร ufabet team worth 1.21 billion euros, or about 46,623 million baht in Thai money, called surpassing other teams in Europe.

2nd place is Manchester City, former champion with a team value of 1.19 billion euros, or about 45,853 million baht in Thai money, 3rd place, Paris Saint-Germain, the top French Ligue team, worth 1.03 billion euros, or about 39,688 million baht in Thai money, 4th place, Real Madrid from La Liga, Spain, with a team value of 991.00 million euros, or about 38,185 million baht in Thai money, 5th Bayern Munich has a team value of 894.50 million euros, or about 34,467 million baht in Thai money.

The football team ranked 1 in the top 10 in the world. Is a football club from the English Premier League, a total of 6 teams, consisting of Arsenal (1), Manchester City (2), Chelsea (6), Liverpool (8), Manchester United (9), Tottenham Hotspur (10), with teams from La Liga Spain coming in second place. The two teams are Real Madrid (4), Barcelona (7).

The top 10 most valuable football clubs in the world are as follows:

1. Arsenal 1.21 billion euros (46,623 million baht)

2. Manchester City 1.19 billion euros (45,853 million baht)

3. Paris Saint-Germain 1.03 billion euros (39,688 million baht)

4. Real Madrid 991.00 million euros (38,185 million baht)

5. Bayern Munich 894.50 million euros (34,467 million baht)

6. Chelsea 868.50 million euros (33,465 million baht)

7. Barcelona 868.50 million euros (33,465 million baht)

8. Liverpool 864.80 million euros (33,322 million baht)

9. Manchester United 833.80 million euros (32,128 million baht)

10. Spurs 773.30 million euros (29,796 million baht)