Harry Kane would rather go to Bayern than Paris

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Loud media unfold! Harry Kane, the English national team’s spearhead, “Golden Spur Chicken” wants to trade with Bayern Munich rather than Paris Saint-Germain. Even the offer is better making it still unclear which team he will go to next season

The Telegraph, a well-known European media, reports on the movement of the football market in the English Premier League, which now has many players moving under. And renewed the contract with the old team energetically, but in the list of Harry Kane, the English national team striker of Tottenham Hotspur, a famous club in the English Premier League, is still unclear.

Harry Kane would rather go to Bayern than Paris

Reports indicate that Harry Kane has received interest from the Paris Saint-Germain team. The famous club of French Ligue football wants to get. A sharp edge in the front instead of Mbappe, who refuses to renew the contract with the https://ufabet999.com team. But the PSG team may be disappointed because England striker Would rather go on to play for Bayern Munich. The giant club of Bundesliga football.

But the problem with Harry Kane’s Bayern football career is the same. Although the famous team of beer will try to make an offer to Spurs to pull into the edge in the front. But it seems that the Spurs board of directors are still not satisfied with the offer received. Although Bayern has already submitted an offer 3 times. Until it is still unknown if this deal will actually happen or not.

As for Football Transfer, famous media reports that Spurs are now recruiting forwards, with Brenford striker Ivan Toney, 27. A potential replacement for Harry Kane if a transfer deal is finalized. But still attached to Ivan Tony, still banned from the FA until January next year. In the case of football betting, but Spurs should grab him as a backup.