Keane says it’s not strange that Onana is injured and analyzes rumors of Manchester United bringing De Gea back to goalkeeper.

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Roy Keane clearly points out that in the next games Andre Onana will make mistakes causing Manchester United to easily concede goals as before, but choosing to bring David de Gea back again is probably not the solution.

Keane says it's not strange that Onana is injured and analyzes rumors of Manchester United bringing De Gea back to goalkeeper.

Roy Keane, the legendary captain of Manchester United, clearly points out that in the next game or 2-3 games ahead, Andre Onana, Cameroon’s goalkeeper. Will play wrongly and make mistakes causing the Red Devils to easily lose goals as before. But choosing to grab David de Gea back to the club again. It probably isn’t a solution that Manchester United will do to solve the immediate problem.

Since moving from Inter Milan to Old Trafford for a modest fee of 44+3 million pounds, he is seen as helping Eric Ten Hag’s team be more effective. Opening the ทางเข้า ufabet game from a better back line, it appeared that Onana was consistently disappointing. Both conceded goals easily And there are errors in releasing the ball in almost every game.

So far, Manchester United have had 19 goals breached in 11 appearances in 3 competitions, all of which Onana has played. There was no way for the new second hand, Altay Baydir, to intervene in even one game.

From the latest picture found that David de Gea was released from his contract and parted ways after the end of last season. Came to watch the game of the Manchester United women’s team, which caused news that The Red Devils may get De Gea back to join the team again.

However, Keane doesn’t believe Manchester United will solve the problem this way. “Actually, they should have kept De Gea in the first place. And will they bring him back? He’s a free agent now, right? But no, he’s already left the team. And he made a lot of mistakes.”

“Obviously Onana had a bad start. We are talking about a very important position at a big club and a goalkeeper at a team like Manchester United needs to have the qualities to deal with mistakes.”

“He made six or seven or eight big mistakes that led to goals. It’s not a good start. But there is still plenty of time to return. We’ve seen that with United’s goalkeepers starting off badly. and returned unsuccessfully.”

“I still remember talking to a lot of United’s goaltending coaches and they always said, It’s normal for goalkeepers to make mistakes. But the point is How do you deal with it?”

“Peter Schmeichel also had a few missteps with United, but what he was able to do was bounce back quickly. This is a good way to handle problems as a goalkeeper.”