Messi kicked the first match, the ticket price rose to almost 4 million baht per ticket.

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Selling a house to watch football! Lionel Messi will make his League Cup debut in America against Cruz Azul on Friday. With the most expensive admission ticket from the price of ten thousand. Rising through the ceiling of more than 4 million baht, with football fans agreeing to pay as well

The Sun, a well-known British media News reports that USA professional football is gaining immense popularity Especially the move of Lionel Messi. The superstar captain of the Argentine national team. The 2022 World Cup winning kit is with Inter Miami in Major League Soccer football, featuring David Beckham. A former England national team. co-owner

Messi kicked the first match, the ticket price rose to almost 4 million baht per ticket.

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi There is a program to start the field for the first time in the United States. In the Football ufabet League Cup, the first round on Friday, July 21, 2023, will open the house against the Cruz Azul team. Which has received a lot of attention from American soccer fans. Until the normal price of the ticket is $ 487 (£ 352) or equivalent to about 16,689 baht in Thai money. Sold out and released until the price has doubled.

As for tickets for Messi’s first game in the colors of Inter Miami. It has jumped to $ 110,000 (£ 84,000), or about 3.76 million Thai baht. With some football fans willing to pay for a single ticket to attend this match. Which from the said price can be used to buy super car Band-name watches or high-class houses for the price of tickets for this appointment. According to a survey by CNN Business. It was found that just the regular price, general football fans still think it’s very expensive. for one football match