Rice mocks Dembele & Lyon admin after Europa playoff hammer

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West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice has mocked Moussa Dembele and Lyon’s Twitter moderator after the Hammers qualified for the Europa League semi-finals last night.

Declan Rice has hit out at Lyon forward Moussa Dembele and the rival club’s Twitter administrator, adding that West Ham have a special incentive to beat the French giants in the Europa League. League Quarterfinals Last night (Thursday April 14, 2022)

          The east London elite faced a tough challenge on Thursday night after a 1-1 draw in the first leg , where Aaron Cresswell was suspended and Kurt Zouma was unable to play due to a draw. get hurt But the Hammers did better this game when two first-half goals from Craig Dawson and Declan Rice led to a 3-1 aggregate lead before breaking through early in the second half from Jar. Rod Bowen

          West Ham ended the game 3-0 with a 4-1 aggregate score, progressing to the semi-finals to face Frankfurt’s next shock win over Barcelona. After the game , Rice revealed that the players West Ham’s players are particularly keen to win after seeing a provocative tweet on them from Lyon’s Twitter account saying the match was over. The Hammers, meanwhile, were unhappy with Dembele’s winking after having successfully sent Creswell off the pitch.

       Rice told BT Sport after the game: “I feel like if you can’t get up and play these games, You shouldn’t be playing football anymore.” “The rumble at the warm-up is special and exciting and gives you a strong determination to go out and put on a show. And tonight there’s an incentive for us to go out there and win. Apparently Dembele winked at the camera in the first leg. They couldn’t see how they would not qualify. So these things will become big problems in the future if we don’t deal with them.” Expressed through play form And now West Ham are in the semi-finals. What else do you want?”

          to face Frankfurt in the semi-finals Rice continued, “I actually studied German at school. and gave up after about two weeks! It’s the hardest thing ever.” “For them to beat Barca. Show that they are the top team. You can’t ignore that.” “Whether it was a bad night for Barça or not. But they still managed to score three goals against them. We watched their game against Betis last week. And they look really strong. And it’s a good UFABET team.” “So we will be ready no matter who you meet. Had to play two more games. we know what we want That’s reaching the finals. And we will do everything.”