Cat slaves must be careful! “Cat fungus”, a skin disease from pets Can contact people

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“Cat fungus” for cat slaves, even those who have cats of their own and likes to play with friends’ cats or various stray cats You have to be more careful with yourself. Because if it is found that the cat has a fungal disease on the skin Cat slaves like us may also get that disease. Until it caused many people to go to treat both the cat and the owner. And that makes girls What I’m most afraid of is the dark spots after the red rash is healed. That may take a long time to heal, causing disfigurement and preventing you from showing your beautiful skin. together for a long time.

Cat slaves must be careful! “Cat fungus”, a skin disease from pets Can contact

What is cat fungus?

Actually,  there are many types of cat fungus  , but the most common type is Microsporum canis , which is a fungus that causes skin disease in cats. Caused by accumulated humidity This makes long-haired cats more at risk of developing fungus than short-haired cats. Areas of the cat’s skin that are infected There will be patches of hair falling out, the skin red, dry, and possibly flaky. or scabs along with If not treated quickly and the owner becomes infected with the fungus from the cat through touching, holding, stroking, hugging, and kissing, it will cause humans to become infected with this fungus and cause the same type of skin disease.

Besides the cat Other furry pets include dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and other types of furry pets. You can get a fungal infection on your skin as well.

Groups at risk for cat fungal infection

  • small child
  • Elderly people
  • People whose immune system is not strong
  • Own pets, including cats, cats, and other furry animals.
  • Likes to play with various animals. and not being careful with cleanliness, such as hugging or touching animals and not washing hands, etc.

Symptoms of people infected with cat fungus

You will find that there is a red rash in circles around the body with scaly patches. It may be found as a single small or large red rash, or it may occur in circles. Many of them appear on the arms, legs, face, hands, feet, or any part of the body that comes in contact with the cat. The red rash that occurs will cause an itchy sensation. I want to scratch all the time. If you use your finger to scratch the red rash Then proceed to scratch at other parts of the skin. May cause that part of the skin Fungal infection causing a red rash can increase. Therefore, it may cause an increase in redness. Or the red rash can spread more widely.

How to treat cat fungus in humans

Normally, the treatment for cat fungus in both cats and humans is similar, which is by applying fungicide. In the event that there is not much redness in the rash If you apply the medicine continuously for about 3 weeks, the symptoms will improve on their own. But if there are many red rashes all over the body May give fungicide to apply. Along with taking antibiotics, you must apply and take the medicine continuously for more than 3 weeks as well.

Most of the time, when the red rash gradually disappears, dark marks will remain for about 2-3 months until these dark marks gradually fade away by themselves. In cases where the marks do not fade or fade slowly, it may be due to the patient There is a recurrence of a red rash from the fungus. Because the patient’s own immunity is not sufficient. Including maintaining cleanliness and taking care of your own cat to be cured of the fungus at the same time If your pet cat still has fungal disease Owners who come in close contact with them may also become infected again.

However, although skin fungicides are sold at various pharmacies, But it is recommended that you see a doctor for a detailed diagnosis before purchasing medicine to apply yourself. Because we may choose an ointment that is not suitable for the disease we are suffering from. Or other side effects may occur. Follow along without being aware of it.

Protection from cat fungus

  1. If it is found that your pet has a skin disease There are patches of hair loss. Found a red rash or red, scaly circles on the pet’s ginger skin. Your pet should be taken to a veterinarian for immediate treatment. And do not get close to pets until the fungus is gone.
  2. After playing, touching, or being close to pets, you should wash your hands or clean the area that has touched the pet thoroughly every time. (and should be cleaned immediately Don’t leave it on for a long time)
  3. Always take care of your pet and clean it. After showering, towel off Blow dry the fur every time.
  4. Clean items inside the house that pets come into contact with, such as sofas, chairs, tables, pillows, blankets. Upholstered furniture can be dried in the sun to kill mold.
  5. Do not mingle with pets too closely, such as allowing pets to lick their faces and lips. Bringing pets to sleep with you in the same bed, for example.
  6. Use shampoo or shower cream that has antifungal properties for pets.
  7. Get your pet vaccinated against fungus.
  8. Pet owners should also exercise. Eat nutritious food and get enough rest To maintain a healthy body Always have good body immunity. So that you won’t get infected easily.
  9. If you suspect that you have a fungal infection from your pet. You should see a doctor and take your pet with you.