Webb admits the referee made another mistake by not ejecting Kovacic from Manchester City’s loss to Arsenal.

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Howard Webb, head of refereeing organization PGMOL, admits that Premier League referees made another clear error when Manchester City midfielder Mateo Kovacic made two tough calls in a losing match. Arsenal 0-1 and didn’t get a red card.

Howard Webb, head of England’s professional refereeing organization or PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), recently revealed that Premier League referees made clear mistakes again when Manchester midfielder Mateo Kovacic City had two games cut in a row, losing 0-1 to Arsenal on Sunday. But the Croatian midfielder escaped without being sent off without a red card.

Webb admits the referee made another mistake by not ejecting Kovacic from Manchester City's loss to Arsenal.

Video technology helping to referee Premier League VAR has been a big issue previously. Especially in the game Spurs beat Liverpool 2-1, PGMOL later admitted that there was a decision error when Luis Diaz slipped in to score a Spurs goal, but it was forfeited even though there was no offside.

Since then, although the issue of VAR has decreased in intensity, Webb has recently admitted that errors have occurred again. Including Kovacic’s shot that didn’t get a second yellow from referee Michael Oliver.

“When Michael saw it again He must have realized that The second tackle (Kovacic’s) should have been a yellow card. Which means that Kovacic will have to be fired. But he benefited from the first decision.”

“Obviously the first tackle was really bad. And I’m sure If a red โปรโมชั่น ufabet card is given The VAR review would have given him a red card, but he didn’t and he only received a yellow card.”

“He was lucky to stay on the field. In fact, the second yellow card case was beyond VAR’s intervention. But he was really very lucky. to continue playing”